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Our recruitment team is available to assist prospective and admitted students, parents and high school counselors.

Cedric Noah Brown
Sr. Assistant Director
B.S., UCF; M.S., UCF
Annie Shea
Sr. Assistant Director
B.A., University of the Ozarks
Luke van Blaricom
Sr. Assistant Director
B.S., University of West Florida, M.S.T., University of West Florida
Colin Wyenberg
Sr. Assistant Director
B.S., Multnomah University, M.A., Multnomah University
Selma Abdul
Assistant Director
Lori-Ann Barnett
Assistant Director
B.A., UCF, M.P.A., UCF
Christie Hasegawa
Assistant Director
B.S., University of Florida, M.A., UCF
Jessica Mays
Assistant Director
B.S., UCF, M.A., UCF
Leah Maxwell
Assistant Director
B.S., UCF, M.N.M., UCF
Keanna Reyes
Assistant Director
Christopher Thompson
Assistant Director
B.S.B.A., UCF; M.B.A., UCF
Edgar Robles
Admissions Officer
Deborah Watkins
Admissions Officer

Rosen College of Hospitality Management

Genyth Travis
Sr. Assistant Director
B.A., Berry College


Dr. Gordon D. Chavis, Jr.
Associate Vice President, Enrollment Services
B.A., University of Pennsylvania, J.D., Georgetown University
Elizabeth M. Costello
B.S., Green Mountain College, M.B.A., Florida Institute of Technology
Christopher Dahlstrand
Associate Director
B.S., Daniel Webster College, M.S., Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University