If you will have 30 or more, but fewer than 60 transferable semester hours of college course work (12 or more earned after high school graduation) by the time you enroll at UCF, you must:


  1. Minimally have successfully completed (with a “C” grade or higher) at least one English Composition course and one college-level mathematics course, each consisting of three (3) semester credit hours
  2. Demonstrate competency in a world language or American Sign Language equivalent to at least the second high school level (e.g. Spanish 2) or the second elementary course at the college level (e.g. SPN 1211 – Beginning Spanish II)
  3. Have a 2.0 GPA on a 4.0 system for all college-level academic courses attempted
  4. Be in good academic standing (minimum 2.0 GPA) and be eligible to return as a degree-seeking student to the last institution attended

*Students not meeting all of these requirements must meet the requirements for transfer students with fewer than 30 transferrable semester hours.


  • Submission of official transcripts from all colleges attended and high school (if applicable) is required.
  • If you have attended any international institutions, please click here for the requirements regarding the evaluation of this credit.
  • High school transcripts may be required to demonstrate completion of the foreign language admission requirement.
  • Your application will not be reviewed until all official college transcripts and all official AICE, AP, CLEP, and IB score reports (if applicable) have been received.
  • Florida BOG Regulation 6.001 (7) authorizes universities to refuse admission to applicants due to past misconduct.
  • Meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.