For Parents

Mother and son assisted by UCF staff

Finding the right college for your son or daughter requires a lot of research and time. Your input will help your student and will make the process a team effort. Let us know how we can help?

When thinking about colleges, be sure to consider factors beyond academics, such as housing and campus life. Did you know that UCF research shows that there is a 10.2% increase in graduation rates for students who live at least one year in UCF on-campus housing?

College websites are valuable resources during the selection process. Most sites offer good snapshots of a school’s location, programs and faculty. They can also provide SAT, ACT and GPA scores of admitted students, percentage of applicants offered admission, and freshman retention rates.

Resource Links for Parents:

Fall 2018 Freshman Class Profile*

Average SAT Score

(Evidence-based Reading/Writing + Math)

Average ACT Score


Average High School GPA


National Merit Scholars


Ethnic Minority Enrollment


Top 5 Majors

Engineering, Computer Science, Biomedical Science, Biology, Psychology

Top 5 States
Florida, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Pennsylvania

Top 5 Countries
Venezuela, China, United Kingdom, Brazil, Colombia