UCF National Merit Scholars

Each year, National Merit scholars from across the nation make the decision to join the UCF Knights family. With 247 National Merit students currently enrolled at UCF, you’re in good company. But don’t take our word for it. Our Scholars Program student assistants are happy to share their impressions of UCF with you. And when you visit campus, you’ll have the opportunity to meet one of these students and hear about their experiences firsthand.

John BalName: John Bal
Year: Junior
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Major: Aerospace Engineering
Future Goals:  Work for an aerospace company like SpaceX and help plan a mission to Mars.
Favorite Thing about UCF:  I love The Burnett Honors College because it provides for learning in and outside of the classroom.
Contact Email:  john.bal@ucf.edu
IMG_3012Name:  Ben Feciura
Year:  Sophomore
Hometown:  Valrico, FL
Major:  Statistics w/ Minor in Actuarial Science
Future Goals:  Attend graduate school and ultimately find work as an actuary or with a big data company to help them make informed decisions using statistics
Favorite Thing About UCF:  The campus and the area around it make for a fantastic place to live – there’s a lot to do and get involved with.
Contact Email:  benjamin.feciura@ucf.edu
Name:  Alyssa Mickle
Year:  Freshman
Hometown:  Newport, North Carolina
Major:  Biomedical Sciences and Mechanical Engineering (MEDD Program)
Future Goals:  I hope to continue on to graduate school or medical school and ultimately pursue a career in medical research.  I’m particularly interested in regenerative medicine and developing 3D-printing technology that will allow me to create synthetic organs.
Favorite Thing About UCF:  I love how big UCF is, because the size means there’s always something on campus to do.  Our location in Orlando also allows for frequent visits to the theme parks in my free time!
Contact Email:  Alyssa.Mickle@ucf.edu